Siam Saket – Goalkeeper Stick

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Siam Saket Goalkeeping Stick
Introducing the Siam Saket Goalkeeping Stick, the specialist keeper stick designed to give field hockey goalkeepers an extra edge on the pitch. Developed in close consultation with multiple goalkeepers, the Saket meets the precise needs and preferences of those guarding the net.
Expertly Crafted for Goalkeepers
Through extensive research and feedback, we discovered that goalkeepers favoured a slightly curved shape mould. This design increases the surface area, making stick-side saves easier and more effective. The Saket’s balance was another top priority, ensuring the stick’s weight distribution does not hinder the natural motion of making a save. After rigorous testing and refinement, our final product has been validated by a dedicated focus group of goalkeepers.
Key Features
  • Zig-Zag Stick Shape and Oversized Stick Head: Maximises the surface area, improving your ability to make critical stick-side saves with greater ease.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Construction: Allows for effortless manoeuvrability and quicker reaction times, essential for high-pressure game situations.
  • Perfectly Balanced Design: Feels like an extension of your arm, ensuring that the stick’s weight does not impede your natural movements during saves.
Upgrade your goalkeeping gear with the Siam Saket, and experience the difference that a purpose-built stick can make. Whether you’re defending against powerful shots or making quick reflex saves, the Saket is your ultimate partner on the field.

Named after Wat Saket in Bangkok, the highest, most prominent, and most commanding temple in Thailand.

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