Ayutthaya Indoor Hockey Stick 2025

50% Carbon – Probow
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Introducing the Siam Hockey Ayutthaya Indoor Hockey Stick – the ultimate stick for indoor field hockey enthusiasts! Engineered to elevate your game, this stick combines cutting-edge technology with superior performance.

Crafted with a 50% carbon composition, the Ayutthaya Indoor Hockey Stick strikes the perfect balance between power and control. Its lightweight construction allows for lightning-fast manoeuvrability, giving you the edge over your opponents with every move.
Designed with the Pro Bow shape, this stick offers unrivaled ball control and enhanced accuracy. It enables effortless dribbling, precise passes, and powerful shots, empowering you to dominate the indoor arena like never before.
Not only does the Arutthya stick excel in performance, but it also boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its sleek design and vibrant color combinations will make you stand out on the court and showcase your unique style.
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, the Siam Hockey Ayutthaya Indoor Hockey Stick is the perfect companion to take your indoor game to new heights. Embrace the power, finesse, and innovation it offers, and watch as your skills reach their full potential.

Upgrade your game today with the Siam Hockey Ayutthaya Indoor Hockey Stick – the ultimate choice for the discerning indoor hockey player. #SiamHockey #ArutthyaStick #IndoorHockey #GameChanger
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